Five Gifts You Should NEVER Buy A Teacher (And Five Gifts You Should)

Five gifts you should never buy a teacher (and five gifts you should) Any teacher loves to get a gift—any gift—from a student.  It makes them feel appreciated and respected (an increasingly rare feeling for today’s public school teachers!).  That being said, every teacher has had a few “memorable” gifts slide across their desk.  The following post, all […]

Two Minutes Every Teacher Should See

If you haven’t caught the viral video of “Dad’s awesome reaction to son’s math score”, it’s well worth your time.  It’s a reminder every teacher needs (and parent, for that matter!).  Too often, we get caught up in the chaos of curriculum standards, instructional strategies, standardized tests, content mastery…and we forget how much a child’s experience in our […]

I AM A TEACHER! An inspirational poem for teachers

Need a reminder of why you do what you do?  Watch below: I AM A TEACHER! I am a teacher. Despite what the world thinks of me, When it envies my days off, and laughs at my salary. I work from 8-3:30, home early every night, One long vacation in the summer…hmmph,…Yeah right But I […]

Ten Things Every New or Struggling Teacher Needs to Know

Anyone that has been involved in the profession of teaching will tell you that teaching is very stressful. Even the best circumstances, at times, can leave wanting to run your head through a wall. Nothing can eliminate the stresses of education, but there are things that teachers can do to minimize them: 1. You have to […]

Scotty to Speak at Reach Them to Teach Them 2013!

BIG NEWS! Scotty has the honor of speaking at this years’ “Reach Them to Teach Them” event on November 5th in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Scotty will be performing his inspirational poem, “I am a teacher” found in the final chapter of our book.  If you are in the area, the tickets are selling out fast! Reach Them to […]

Ten Things Teachers Wished Every Parent Knew

If teachers could broadcast a public service announcement to all parents, it would look something like this: TEN THINGS TEACHERS WISHED EVERY PARENT KNEW  10. T.M.I. (Too Much Information).  In many situations, insight into your student’s home life can help us teachers to better understand your child.  Please feel free to disperse any information that […]

Top Ten Tips For Teachers Starting The School Year

Scotty and I are about a week into this school year…and we thought we would compose a “Top Ten” List for all the new teachers braving the classroom for the first time.  In no particular order, we hope the list below helps you weather the ever-changing, stripe-earning rite of passage every educator must face:  “The First […]

Funny Inservice Video For Teachers

If you need a great start for any in-service, workshop, or seminar, then use our free “Rocky-Themed” Teacher Training video.  It is sure to have any group of teachers laughing!   Get that session off to the right start!  

Check Out Our Radio Interview with Phil Williams

This was a blast.  We spent about 20 minutes on air with Phil Williams.  We had a great time and edited our segment down to ten minutes for you.  Check it out here or on youtube: Thanks Phil!  

How To Survive Teaching

How do you survive teaching?  How do you survive being an elementary teacher?  How do you survive being a middle school teacher?  How do you survive being a high school teacher? How do you survive teaching in a public school?!?! We all thought we would be incredible, inspirational, and all around awesome teachers…and then we […]