I AM A TEACHER! An inspirational poem for teachers

Need a reminder of why you do what you do?  Watch below:


I am a teacher.

Despite what the world thinks of me,

When it envies my days off, and laughs at my salary.

I work from 8-3:30, home early every night,

One long vacation in the summer…hmmph,…Yeah right

But I am a teacher.

And even though I may receive little respect,

It is my students that matter to me, and it is on that which I reflect.

Yes there have been that I have barely made it from week to week,

And there have been times that I have stood before my students too exhausted to speak,

But I do, because I am a teacher.

You know some say that “those who can’t…teach”,

Well I say that very few “Can Teach”,

Very few can put on an encouraging smile even when they are tired,

Very few have the ability to motivate and inspire,

To challenge every child regardless of the strength of the their mind,

To make them grow as a student and feel strong inside,

Who else can make a child feel pride,

When their family at home doesn’t even care if they’re alive?

Well, I CAN!

Because, I am a teacher!

I am part of an elite group that builds dreams,

Coaches young ones to swim upstream

And teaches outcasts to work in a team,

I build character and push them beyond their limits,

But much of what they learn from me CAN NOT BE MEASURED ON A TEST!


And I was called to what I do,

And regardless of all the latest and greatest strategies that are new,

It is ultimately up to me to hold true,

To look beyond the stress and deep into their eyes,

Down into their hearts where the future lies

And never forget that it is because of this beautiful creature

That I am changing the world……

I am a teacher.