How To Survive Teaching

How do you survive teaching? 

  • How do you survive being an elementary teacher? 
  • How do you survive being a middle school teacher? 
  • How do you survive being a high school teacher?
  • How do you survive teaching in a public school?!?!

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We all thought we would be incredible, inspirational, and all around awesome teachers…and then we got a classroom!!  When the apple hit the fan, we became a lot less certain!  Luckily, our journey into the vast and wild jungles of American education isn’t hopeless.  There are still ways to survive, better yet, ways to thrive in modern education…and all this without giving up every square inch of your personal life.

Rob and Scotty’s book, The Ultimate Survival Guide For Teachers, is the realistic, pragmatic solution that you have been looking for ever since you lost your temper in your classroom for the first time.  Full of hilarious stories, real experiences, and practical solutions, you will find yourself challenged to make the most of your classroom, but in a way that seems reachable (rather than chasing idealistic rhetoric from people who have never taught a day in their life!).  Pick up a copy today (print) (ebook) and reclaim the reasons you signed up to be a teacher in the first place.  Your students will thank you!