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Need to cast a vision that is as practical as it is inspirational? 

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There Is No “I” In Teacher:  Discovering your unique strengths and the power of working together. (2 Hours)

  • 1 + 1 = 3  Your strengths + Others’ strengths = A much higher productivity.
  • Who are you?  What assets do you bring to the table?
  • Who do you work with?  What do others bring?
  • How does the talent of a team add up to more than everyone’s individual effort?
  • The obstacles to working as a team.
  • How to build a positive and supportive culture.

Time Bomb: Balancing work and life and battling against burn out. (2 Hours)

  • Time management.  Working smarter not harder.
  • Life management.  Time well spent away from school = Time well spent in school.
  • Setting boundaries and respecting them.
  • Chasing perfection?
  • Battling burn out.
  • Defining and celebrating success.

Creativity and Classroom Management: An environment where everyone wins. (1 Hour)

  • Management myths.
  • Classroom management that works for them and you.
  • Creativity in the classroom.
  • Boredom = Bad things.
  • Creating an environment everyone enjoys.

What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate:  Connecting with parents and the community. (1 Hour)

  • Building positive relationships with parents.
  • Dealing with difficult parents.
  • Connecting with your community.
  • Being an ambassador that represents your school well.

The Kids These Days!  Connecting with today’s children. (2 Hours)

  • Understanding where kids are coming from and what makes them who they are.
  • Learning how to engage students relationally.
  • Finding the kid beneath the baggage.
  • Adapting instruction for the greater good.
  • Focusing on a student’s future.

Mission Possible:  Learning how to leave a legacy. (2 Hours)

  • Embracing the power of encouragement.
  • Awakening passion and purpose in your classroom.
  • Developing a mission that matters to you.
  • Inspiration instead of information.


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